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Tracking code duplicate data

I have a website already with tracking code at
xxxxxxxxxxxx. com
and everything seems ok.

in this website my client has an iframe calling their app
app.xxxxxxxxxx. com
and the url "app.xxxxxxxxxx. com/signup/profile" is the page where the conversion is done.
I need to track these conversions

if I put the tracking code of xxxxxxxxxx. com
all the data are duplicated and I get much more data than the real visits I really get.

my questions is :

can I have to force something to stop these duplicated data ?
or maybe is it easier to create a new property and tracking code for app.xxxxxxxxxx. com ?

thanks for your help !

For the admin:
i sent you yesterday this message with site Id and my exact domain name
I am here paying more than 10 years.
I never ask anything during the year. Very little issues.
I am disappointed by the no answer and no help.

Posted Tue Apr 26 2022 2:18a by choponewsle***

answered by email.
I have to use

Posted Wed Apr 27 2022 3:35a by choponewsle***

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