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can you track sub directories

My main domain is and I am building a multiniche site. Therefore I was able to add the main domain but how do I add a subdirectory site example, where the subdirectory is fingerprint-time-clock-system. Thank you

Posted Wed Aug 30 2023 11:48p by jackie***

You're using WordPress. This is what you want:

The tracking code has to be on every page. The above plugin does that for ya.

Posted Thu Aug 31 2023 12:18a by gladiu***

Yes i am using wordpress and using the plugin clicky. Can you please elaborate a bit. I don't follow you

Posted Thu Aug 31 2023 2:34a by jackie***

We only store the domain when you add a new site, that's just for validation purposes.

If you only want to track a sub-directory, that's fine. Just install the code in that sub-directory and nowhere else.

Posted Thu Aug 31 2023 2:33p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Ok thanks

Posted Thu Aug 31 2023 6:54p by jackie***

Looks good so far. Ah, yes! Fingerprint timeclock systems… the bane of my existence as a developer. :-)

Posted Tue Sep 5 2023 6:20p by gladiu***

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