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Prevent third-party payment forms from appearing as "referrer"


We have a payment flow requiring we send users to an external domain, that returns them to our site after completion. That looks like: []/checkout -> []/pay -> []/success

For our "Purchase" goal, we manually report the goal when a user lands on /success (since the revenue varies based on what was bought).

The problem is, we're seeing sessions in Clicky that START on /success, and have "[]" as the referrer. This doesn't happen every time... my best guess is that the user's original session is timing out while they're "away" on the processors' site.

- If I'm correct about the cause, would raising the ping time in Prefs help this?
- Is there another potential cause I'm overlooking?
- Would adding "[]" to "Additional domains" at least prevent them from appearing as the referrer?

Suggestions are appreciated - thanks everyone!

Posted Tue Dec 5 2023 10:20a by PinkWhi***

Yeah that would be caused by the session timing out while they're on the other site. No, adding extra ping would not change that because that only applies while they're on your site. We don't have a way to customize the session *timeout*, which is what would be needed here.

Something else to try though is setting this referrer to be ignored. It will still start a new session when they come back but the domain shouldn't be logged.

Site prefs -> visitor tags n filters -> referrers -> add new filter

The default setting is "ignore all traffic from this domain", make sure to that to the other option, which will still log the visitor but filter out the referrer.

Posted Fri Dec 8 2023 12:41p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks for the info!

Posted Fri Dec 8 2023 1:47p by PinkWhi***

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