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It has been a week since I installed the code using Google Tag Manager, but no visitors have been counted.


I installed the tracking code using Google Tag Manager and checked in F12, but for a week, no visitors were counted.

Please let me know what went wrong.


Posted Mon Jan 22 2024 10:19p by huateng1***

Hi, I checked and verified it's in your tag manager, but you didn't check the "tag manager" box on your tracking code page, I can tell based on the code I see in your GTM file. The code has to be tweaked slightly to be compatible with a tag manager, so check that box then delete the old code and install the new one!

Posted Tue Jan 23 2024 10:51a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Hi, I see it's working now so you must have fixed the code! I reset your trial so you can get the full 21 days with all features.

Posted Wed Jan 24 2024 2:45p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin


I'm encountering the same issue with visitor tracking after installing the tracking code using Google Tag Manager. Despite checking in F12, no visitors have been counted for about a week. Could you please assist me in identifying what might have gone wrong? Thank you for your help.

Posted Tue Mar 5 2024 12:54p by joejo***

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