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Installed code but no tracking

I've done everything required to install tracking but there is no connection.
Installed header-footer plugin on WP site.
Saved the tracking code into the footer console.

This is the first time I've had a problem in years.

Posted Wed Apr 27 2022 2:14p by corkoni***

Same problem here

Posted Thu Apr 28 2022 5:17a by JackieB***

Kind of working again as my ISP showed up on it, but it's not picking up my test sessions.

Posted Thu Apr 28 2022 5:21a by corkoni***

Try this page:

Did you install an ad blocker?

Posted Thu Apr 28 2022 7:16p by gladiu***

connection don't work.

Posted Mon May 2 2022 1:31a by Frieke0***


Posted Wed Jun 1 2022 7:59p by jackxspa***


Posted Wed Jun 1 2022 7:59p by jackxspa***

My code is not working. I try the available code that was received from this site, but it's working. I am getting traffic data

Posted Tue Jul 12 2022 10:57a by bossatthera***

The most common cause for this issue that we see these days is a "Referrer-Policy: no-referrer" header. That blocks the browser from sending any referrer with our beacon, which breaks one of the steps we use to authenticate your traffic. So look into that also. It may be something you can configure from your site's admin area or with a plugin. Or your web server may be configured to do that by default, which is usually more difficult to fix but can still be done.

Posted Fri Jul 22 2022 9:39p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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