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I recently set up a cargo website at
As I understand it because of the way cargo loads new pages they do not show up individually in the analytics unless the permalink is used. Therefore in my results I have multiple 'actions' on what looks like my home page '/' with only the odd project page showing up, usually linked in from a google search.
The folks over at cargo came up with a script for google analytics which was supposed to have solved this although I still get this problem there.
I MUCH prefer clicky and would like to upgrade but if I can't track individual pages it won't be worth it.
Any ideas, anyone?

see cargo forum topics at


Posted Fri Jun 10 2011 8:58a by amonl***

You should be able to use similar code as in the Google example. Something like this:

$(document).bind("projectLoadStart", function(e, pid, href){
  clicky.log( '/project/'+href[1] );

Posted Fri Jun 10 2011 10:49a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

That was fast - I'll try it

Posted Fri Jun 10 2011 10:53a by amonl***


i'm having the same issue with Cargo but I don't really understand your answer...

Can you explain a bit more your solution?

where should I place this "google like" code? after clicky tracking code? instead of? replace part of it?


Posted Tue Mar 27 2012 12:19a by Tiwa***

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