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Emails not getting through to Support

Hi I sent an email on Monday to [email protected] and have had no reply.
Today I've received the message "The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect."
I am sending from a gmail account. Is there an issue with your emails??
Regards, Mandy

Posted Tue Jul 19 2022 11:53p by Birthsto***

Same here, I tried to send a short email a few months ago from gmail and it bounced with a similar message. I tried a few times. I know it is a fluke because they always respond quickly. Hope this helps.

Posted Wed Jul 20 2022 6:10a by gladiu***

Strange, never heard of that. We use Google Workspace for email, so it's basically just enterprise Gmail. We don't have anything special set up regarding spam filters or anything like that, we just have whatever it does by default. Maybe they were having an issue? But anyways I see your most recent email so I will respond to it shortly!

Posted Fri Jul 22 2022 9:37p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Hello, I installed the plugin and did the email checks. Where can I find the ID code and the site Key? Thank you

Posted Sat Jul 23 2022 2:37a by Drogo20***

From your home dashboard, click on "Prefs." From there, it's the first tab ("Info").

Posted Tue Jul 26 2022 3:18p by gladiu***

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