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Outbound links / onClick


the last update of my MFA Wordress plugin has obfuscated the links to the Aamzon products :
- before the update, I had an "a href"
-after the update, I have a span with an onclick="idxxxxxxxx".

Since this update, Clicky don't count /show anymore the outbound links.

Do you have an idea or a tips to allow Clicky count back the outbound links ?

Thank you

Posted Tue Dec 14 2021 11:03a by stonetat***

Hi, is there someone alive in that forum ?

Posted Wed Dec 22 2021 7:32a by stonetat***

Hi, sorry I changed browsers recently and my RSS doesn't work anymore.

I don't have a solution though unfortunately. Our outbound method works exclusively based on URL patterns, so if there's no distinct patterns in the links anymore then I'm not sure how you would track them.

Posted Thu Jan 6 2022 12:48p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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