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Traffic Sources Issues

Hi all,

I've got a website with plenty of users arriving via email and the URLs are always set with appropriate UTM parameters.

In GA4 it's recording 2527 sessions as having originated from the traffic source 'email' while in clicky it's only 9. There's no console errors and everything is setup correctly.

What on earth is going wrong?!

Posted Thu Dec 14 2023 2:49a by ninjaalli***


Posted Wed Dec 20 2023 1:58a by giatk***

If I look in GA4 at the number of users between two dates in December, it reports 13,586 across 20,088 sessions. Clicky reports 18,499 visitors. These numbers are within each other's ballpark ranges.

However, if I look at the traffic sources, GA4 records 2,843 having arrived via email (i.e. each of these users has the utm_source=email URL parameter set) whereas in Clicky it's only 36?

It looks to me like Clicky has assigned (or reassigned) these users as Direct or Search traffic?

Posted Wed Jan 3 2024 7:26a by ninjaalli***

Hi, we support UTM parameters but only if "utm_campaign" is one of them, as that's kind of the "core" parameter that we group all other parameters around, so if that one is missing, then all UTMs are discarded.

Are you only using utm_source? If so then that's why it's being ignored.

Posted Fri Jan 5 2024 11:33a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Here's an example URL:

When I use Incognito and check Clicky's Spy mode it shows the user as having arrived via Search?

Posted Mon Jan 8 2024 4:45a by ninjaalli***

Hi, sorry I didn't see your last reply.

I just tested it now and it was logged properly, it doesn't show a search referrer or anything. That may be the result of a tracking cookie.

Here was me just now:

But it does appear there's a bug with email tagging, as I do not show up in the email filter list:

So I'll dig into that shortly...

Posted Tue Jan 23 2024 1:12p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Okay so looking at the backend code, if there's no referrer, then source will always be set to "direct".

It is by design. But whether we might set a source without a referrer, or never set a source without a referrer... it's confusing either way. It's one of these things where I kind of just want to change it now, but am already seeing the future where we have other customers asking where all these new email or other type of visitors started coming from, even though they changed nothing.

Ideally it would be a preference but it's a bit of an edge case that affects only a small number of people, so making a preference for that also seems over the top.

But I've made note of this in our giant wish list file, so maybe we can address it later.

Posted Tue Jan 23 2024 4:35p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Ok well thank you for investigating. I can see your problem with regards to confusing other customers but I think I'll have to migrate away from Clicky if it's not remedied in some way as it means our API derived reports aren't useful.

Posted Wed Jan 24 2024 1:03a by ninjaalli***

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