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How can I track reddit ad traffic?

I'm experimenting with reddit ads, they use this extension on the landing url:


Maybe this should be more of a feature request anything with ?rdt_cid should be a paid ad from reddit.

Posted Sat Feb 26 2022 1:43a by bestkettle***

Hi - wasn't aware of that. Just added support for it now!

For future reference, if there's a parameter like this you want to track that we don't automatically support, you can create a goal or campaign that looks for a match. Of course we'd also like to know about it so we can support them, but while you wait for us, you can do that in the meantime.

Posted Tue Mar 1 2022 9:14p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin


Thank you for responding.

I can see now the reddit ad traffic is now grouped into an Advertising filter. but it doesn't help me much because now I click on Ads and it's all the different paid ads shown in one section and I cannot really easily tell the ad is a reddit ad becasue the tag is not showing in the url.

I can workaround it and I guess create a different landing page for all reddit ad traffic.

I use goals to mark sales so i do not want to pad the goal totals with just cpc traffic.

Posted Wed Mar 2 2022 2:40a by bestkettle***

To clarify

When I click on Visitors who arrived via advertising

I see all the paid traffic, bing, google, reddit.

The reddit traffic does not show a referer, maybe 2 out of 50 clicks show reddit as a referer.

After what you've done, the ?rdt_cid does not show up in the landing page url so I can't really tell that it come from reddit now.

Only way for me to tell is to add tags in the url showing its from reddit.

Posted Wed Mar 2 2022 4:01a by bestkettle***

If you just want to view visitors from, use the Links->Domains report.

Posted Wed Mar 2 2022 9:38a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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