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How soon will tracking start?

I just installed the Wordpress plugin today and activated it. How soon can I start seeing data? Right now it's saying 0 visitors so far for today, but I've personally visited the site, so there should be at least 1 visitor showing. (I don't have the feature enabled where you can hide visits from your own IP address.)

Posted Thu Oct 27 2022 4:28p by kellydono***

You should see traffic appear within seconds. Do a 'view source' on the web page and make sure you can see your tracking code.

Posted Thu Oct 27 2022 5:11p by gladiu***

Yup I can see it -- in two different places. I'm concerned now because in one of those places, it has my WordPress user name and also the email address associated with my WordPress account. I realize that not to many people would be looking at my source code, but still... spam harvesting bots can read that, right?

Posted Thu Oct 27 2022 5:33p by kellydono***

OK, user error here! I realized I failed to put in the site key and site ID earlier, just fixed that so I'm hoping I'll see data soon! Meanwhile, I figured out how to fix the user name and email so they don't show up in the source code. Thanks for your help!

Posted Thu Oct 27 2022 5:56p by kellydono***

For WordPress, use the Yoast plugin if you aren't already.

Posted Fri Oct 28 2022 1:06p by gladiu***

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