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All internal links and buttons not working

I am seeing a continuing and prolonged loading icon...that does not go away now when I try to access all internal pages within each websites dashboard.

So all links under...recent visitors, and content, and locale, and traffic sources...all do not load now, and the page just goes into that prolonged loading icon screen.

Posted Wed Mar 30 2022 3:52p by bluesoni***

Are you using an ad-blocker? Try white listing

Posted Thu Mar 31 2022 11:36a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Yes, i disabled the adblocker for domain name. I cannot believe the adblocker causes an error for after all of this time. This has never remotely happened before. It looks to be working now...thank you.

Posted Thu Mar 31 2022 9:47p by bluesoni***

Yes it's frustrating. But ad-blockers block trackers too these days. Nothing we can do about it unfortunately.

Posted Sun Apr 3 2022 1:37p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Hi I am new to Clicky. We are a small church we use Clover for our website builder and then Livestream using Church streaming.TV we want better tracking of who is visiting and watching the site. I tried installing the Manuel code on the header page but I am still not seeing any results. any suggestions would be helpful.

Posted Wed Apr 6 2022 3:09p by WesleyUM***

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