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Clicky script flagged as malicious

Our ESET just tagged Clicky code as malicious, we have removed it from our website, please advise as to the resolution timeline.

We haave been using Get Clicky for years and have not had this happen before.

Posted Wed May 5 2021 9:52a by scottme***

You have to whitelist the URL "" or just "". I searched the Internet for "ESET add to whitelist" and several helpful links came up. Hope that helps.

Posted Wed May 5 2021 10:58a by gladiu***

We're working on it

Posted Wed May 5 2021 12:26p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Clicky, do we have an update on when this will resolved?

Posted Mon May 10 2021 10:54a by jchur***

On Wednesday (May 5) we deployed a tweak to our code that got around the filter.

On Thursday, ESET disabled the filter while we emailed back and forth to resolve the issue. Their main issue was a specific customer using our code on their site. Blacklisting our entire service because of one customer is insanely irresponsible, but that's what happened. We closed that customer's account and that customer agreed to remove the code from their site, which we verified and ESET verified was done.

So as far as we know, this should have been resolved from a website visitor's standpoint on Thursday, as long as their ESET anti-virus definitions are up to date. I don't know often ESET automatically updates but any competent anti-virus should do that daily.

That first day (May 5), we got a ton of emails about it. Haven't had any since May 6, so I'm pretty sure almost no one is seeing the message anymore. And if they are, they either just need to update their ESET or clear their browser's cache to make it download the newest version of our code. Our code has a max 7-day expiration so no should have the old code cached anymore starting May 13.

Posted Mon May 10 2021 11:23a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thank you! This had also happened to us a few years back, our site was blacklisted simply because someone stole and used one of our email addresses for spamming, we suddenly lost all communications to all of our international customers. This is ridiculous, these people need to be more responsible with their actions, they are severely harming businesses with their unthoughtful actions. Thanks Clicky admins for resolving this issue!

Posted Tue May 11 2021 7:55a by blade08***

Honestly surprised these companies haven't been sued into oblivion because of how careless they seem to be. They have the power to completely destroy literally any online business in the world with the flip of a switch.

Posted Tue May 11 2021 10:53a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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