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I noticed there is an huge difference between the Click of the SEARCH CONSOLE and CLICKY... What to do to minimize the HUGE GAP ?

Posted Fri Mar 5 2021 12:01p by Gilles8***

You mean Google Search Console, right?

Google has been hiding search terms from third parties for almost 10 years now. So we can see the visitor came from Google but we can't see the search terms anymore. This affects all trackers, not just Clicky.

That's why they created the search console, so you can still see a rough estimate of all your searches on Google if you want to know. No third parties can access it though as far as I know. If possible, we would want to integrate that into Clicky!

Posted Fri Mar 5 2021 12:28p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Maybe we could connect our sites to our Google console account... This way we can get more data in the same dashboard! That would be really helpful.

Posted Fri Apr 9 2021 12:13p by igaudet***

That is indeed something on my wishlist to look into. Not sure if they offer an API.

Posted Fri Apr 9 2021 2:20p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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