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Clicky vs GA metrics

Hi there.

I have been using Clicky for 2 months. Since I am not a techie, Clicky shows metrics in a simple, straightforward and helpful way and has helped me to increase traffic.

I need help understanding why Clicky shows 25% more traffic than Google, since I can not figure out what is happening.

Posted Thu Dec 29 2022 4:37p by 99Mar***

Here are some pages that might be helpful.

Google Analytics spam referrers not in Clicky!

How Clicky is different from other trackers

Discrepancy B/W google analytics and Clicky

Posted Fri Dec 30 2022 2:41p by gladiu***

These links explain why Clicky would show LESS visitors than GA, but the OP (and me) are seeing considerably MORE visitors on Clicky. What could be the reason?

Posted Mon Jun 12 2023 5:36a by moonbri***

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