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Why so many 10 sec sessions?

Recently started to use Clicky after coming from GA. First of all, the numbers on Clicky seems way more realistic than GA, but there is one thing I can't figure out.

Why are there so many views that are only 10 seconds? They are not spam either...
Average on-site time is almost 4 minutes.
(Yes I write long reviews...).

Appreciate all replies 🙂

Posted Wed Jul 5 2023 9:06a by torbjor***

That is the resolution Clicky uses to approximate time on site.

Posted Wed Jul 5 2023 10:16a by gladiu***

Thanks for your the reply.
So if a visitor only visits one page and then exits, Clicky will show this as 10 second regardless if the stayed for 10 minutes on the same page? But if they visit another page through internal lining, Clicky will show the correct on-site time?

Posted Wed Jul 5 2023 10:46a by torbjor***

Yes, although “the correct time” is subject to definition and discretion of the developer.

Example. YouTube marketing chooses to define a “view” as anyone that sees ANY part of a video, even if it is a fee seconds. If they defined a “view” as seeing the entire video, the numbers would be “wrong” by a significant factor. in this case, I believe the current implementation is more correct.

But Clicky chooses to be conservative, also in the interest of accuracy. In my experience, the scenario you described is far more indicative of somebody hitting the page and then going off to microwave a burrito, rather than sitting on a page 10 minutes and reading it with no other interaction. I think if they chose the latter, the numbers would be wildly “inaccurate.”

Posted Wed Jul 5 2023 5:49p by gladiu***

p.s. The help page says "For visitors with ... no pings logged..."

You could "log a ping," e.g., if you know some JS. You can "ping" Clicky every time the user clicks the scrollbar. I found a good answer on Stack Overflow. You would just put a call to clicky.log() inside the interval function. Let me know if I can help further and I can make a snippet for you.

Please note, this method cannot detect whether or not the user is actually eating a burrito.

Posted Wed Jul 5 2023 6:06p by gladiu***

$%^&*, I gave the wrong link. It's the first answer on this page. But I would add my own safeguard to ensure that Clicky is not pinged more than every 10 sec.

Posted Wed Jul 5 2023 6:12p by gladiu***

Thanks a lot for your kind help!
I hate those tempting burritos... I might start writing burrito recipes instead.

As mentioned I have a pretty high average on-site time. Will these 10 sec registered views count in the total average? Although they don't stay on the page for a very long time, I'm pretty sure it's longer than 10 seconds...

It world be great to change the way the website ping. I'm not competent enough to start fiddling with codes. It there something I gave to do with the code that I copied and past into the header?

Posted Wed Jul 5 2023 9:30p by torbjor***

Yes, 10 seconds.

The Clicky API docs documents the following example API call to get visitor information:

Here is a PHP script I wrote that fetches that URL, filters out the 10-second visitors, and averages the rest: (Click "Save and Run" at the bottom)

Posted Wed Jul 5 2023 11:37p by gladiu***

That's awesome!
Thanks. Should I add some url or something for my website?

Posted Thu Jul 6 2023 12:14a by torbjor***

Btw. I added my own site_id which i think correlates to this part of the code above "32020&sitekey=0f3545d91b71cf50". Correct?
And i guess the time is in seconds?

Posted Thu Jul 6 2023 2:48a by torbjor***

> Thanks. Should I add some url or something for my website?


> I added my own site_id ... Correct?

Yes, but also change the site key, which can be found under Preferences --> "Admin site key".

> And i guess the time is in seconds?


If you get that working, you could set it up to run daily and store the result in a file. Search Internet for "Set up cron job on [Windows/MacOS]".

Good luck!

Posted Thu Jul 6 2023 11:13a by gladiu***

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