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Referral URLs

Why do some URLs come with the full URL whereas some sources of traffic only come with the domain name?

I understand why it makes since for Twitter and Facebook because they use custom URLs and you can't go to the source to see how your website was discussed, but for sources like Reddit or other forums, it would be very handy to know the exact URL so you can click to read.

On some sources of traffic I get the full Reddit URL, but on others, just the

Does the user's browser settings have something to do with this?

Posted Sat Jan 29 2022 8:52a by wantf***

Sorry I didn't see this until now, I don't have a good RSS reader anymore to keep me updated on new posts 😢

This is just one of the many new privacy initiates that browsers have taken in the last few years, because the media only makes money when people are scared. The new default referrer is ONLY the domain name in all browsers, unless a site specifically sets a header to allow the path and query to come through too.

Posted Wed Feb 23 2022 1:46a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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