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Idea or best practice about tracking page views and record views

I'm using Clicky in an enterprise app. I'm trying to figure out the optimal way to track someone viewing records in the app.

Here's a simplified example: Say it's a ticketing system. And you want to track (a) everytime someone uses the "view ticket" page to view a ticket as well as (b) what tickets were actually viewed. Like if this were the URL for ticket 123456:


I'd want to track (a) /tickets/VIEW and also (b) /tickets/123456

Most of the time I just want to know A but sometimes knowing B is useful if there is a lot of activity on a ticket.

I could just record this in the app itself but I'm wondering if there is some simple way to do it easily in Clicky, without every "view" counting as two page hits.

We already track specific events within the ticket pages, but I'm not sure if events is the right approach here.


Posted Mon Feb 5 2024 12:26p by tspzettlem***

Even if one you just need occasionally, you have to log both if you need both. I'm not sure how I'd do it otherwise.

Posted Tue Feb 6 2024 12:52p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

You could use clicky.log() to log an Action. Then it would register as an Action, not a Page View.

if (typeof clicky != 'undefined') clicky.log('/tickets/123456/XYZ', 'view ticket nummber XYZ');

Posted Fri Feb 9 2024 5:15p by gladiu***

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