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image access not being tracked


I've linked to an image on my site in an excel spreadsheet. When the user opens the spreadsheet it accesses and downloads the image. I've tested this by changing the image, reopening the excel spreadsheet, and the image changes. I want to use this to track spreadsheet usage.

However, the image downloads are not being tracked/reported in clicky?

Am I missing something?

Is there something I can add to the URL to make clicky track these events?

Thanks - Adam

Posted Fri Mar 5 2021 3:51a by agilmo***

Hi, we can only track images when they are clicked on from a web page that has the Clicky code on it. We do this by attaching an event listener to any links that point to images (and many other file types too).

So any images that are directly accessed from external sources, such as another web site or an excel spreadsheet or an email... we can't track those. Only a log analyzer running on your server will see those kinds of hits.

Posted Fri Mar 5 2021 12:26p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks for your answer. I'll need to come up with a different plan.

Posted Fri Mar 5 2021 5:25p by agilmo***

Good luck. Sorry!

Posted Sat Mar 6 2021 12:35a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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