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Registering Clicky events server-side

I have a desktop application that requests a static file on my web server. I want to analyze (only count) those requests with Clicky.

Is this possible?

Previously I used another analytics service and accomplished this by having a script on my web server that called the analytics service's API to send event whenever the file was requested.

I see Clicky also has API, but it looks read-only.

Posted Sun Sep 24 2023 11:25a by valtter***

Yes. See

Search for "Logging an action" and use the PHP example.

p.s. I suggest some kind of authentication to only accept pings from your app.

Posted Sun Sep 24 2023 3:31p by gladiu***

Actually, you probably want "Logging goals and revenue". Set up a goal for a download and insert that goal id.


Posted Sun Sep 24 2023 3:37p by gladiu***

That solves it, thanks! :)

Posted Mon Sep 25 2023 11:11a by valtter***

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