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Onsite analytics not appearing for 1 site only

Hi, I have about a dozen sites on my Clicky account and the new onsite analytics is working fine for all but one. I am logged on as the main user and the user preferences are set correctly and also the site width specified. As far as I can tell nothing is set up differently with this site than the others but it doesn't work.

Heatmaps work if I go to them specifically from the links within Clicky - it's just the black box doesn't show in the bottom right corner of the site.

Hope you can help!

Posted Fri Oct 26 2012 10:37a by tigerch***

Posted Sat Oct 27 2012 12:29p by telle***

Does anyone have any genuine answers rather than blatant link comment spam @teller ? Any way to report this kind of spam? Thanks

Posted Mon Oct 29 2012 12:19p by tigerch***

Is this forum monitored by Clicky staff?

Posted Thu Nov 1 2012 11:47a by tigerch***

Having the same issue here. One of our sites not showing the on-site stats, while the other is ok. Anybody?

Posted Wed Nov 7 2012 3:27a by dcb***

@tigerchick, which site?

The most common cause of this is that your site already has jQuery on it but it's an old version (1.4 minimum is required, 1.6 recommended).

Posted Wed Nov 7 2012 1:12p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

For us it is happening on
We use jquery 1.7.1, but it's loaded via head.js loader.

Posted Thu Nov 8 2012 4:33p by dcb***

This is happening to my blog site too, and it's sad. =(

Posted Fri Nov 9 2012 4:39p by nessimed***

I have the same problem. I have 7 sites on my account and 2 of them are showing the on site analytics.
They all run on JQuery 1.7.2

Posted Mon Nov 12 2012 6:47a by Kim***

Really? No word from support on this for over a week?

Posted Wed Nov 14 2012 4:40p by dcb***

Same problem here. 5 sites total on my account; 1 doesn't register stats. Can clicky staff please help out in this thread? I'm up to date on JQuery version.

Posted Wed Nov 14 2012 7:56p by maxim***

For us it is fixed now. Thanks.

Posted Fri Nov 16 2012 3:46p by dcb***

We finally figured out that sub-users were the problem, took a while to track down, but now it should work for all sites in anyone's account.

Posted Sat Nov 17 2012 12:11p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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