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what does "log data" mean

hi. i had a quick question about this page and it's copy:

it talks about by default, Clicky won't "log" any personal data, including anonymized IP addresses by default. But considering I can see the IP addresses of who visits my site in my dashboard (without having changed any settings), i suppose i don't understand how the IP address is anonymized?

could someone please explain the privacy a little mor ?

Posted Fri Apr 28 2023 10:24a by basementcomm***

i'm asking because i added an faq and privacy section to my site, but i'd like to be a bit more clear and explain how to opt out:

Posted Fri Apr 28 2023 10:26a by basementcomm***

Anonymized IPs have the last section changed to ".0". I verified that's working right for your account. For iCloud visitors, we do log the full IP though, since it's already hidden by Apple. This lets us get better geolocation. I just mention this because I saw some iCloud visitors in your visitor log.

Posted Fri Apr 28 2023 7:53p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Est-ce que vous avez une application pour cellulaire?

Posted Thu May 4 2023 1:38p by RBout***

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