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analytics is not correct

getclicky analytics is not correct as goingup and google .
i paid as member but all analytics is not correct
i use goingup and google analytics they recorded that our site analytics is 50-60 visitors but getclicky reported only that 17-20 visitors ...

Posted Sat Sep 10 2011 9:22p by mutaaly

Same bug here!

Posted Sun Sep 11 2011 8:34a by jacoschuijer

Google has had bad press for the accuracy of their analytics recently.

Posted Sun Sep 11 2011 7:30p by ucare-DELETED

Thing is, does anyone want to give google their data? I don't really want to. I dount any tracking system is 100% accurate. I would hope get clicky is relatively accurate.

Posted Sun Nov 13 2011 3:01p by NICHOLASM198723

clicky analytics is not recording my vistors corretly and I piad for service

Posted Thu Dec 22 2011 7:55a by lyricman

Our service is accurate. We do aggressively filter bots a lot more so than any other service, which may lead some to thikn we're not as accurate. But we are. Before we started doing that I've had hundreds of people compare Google and Clicky side by side on their own site and say the stats are almost identical.

Posted Tue Dec 27 2011 12:01p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

My analytics is not correct, and i piad as a member, my phone 954-709-2748 chlares walker. I need to speak to some one about this matter

Posted Wed Jan 11 2012 4:43p by lyricman

Same problems here.

I compared organic search results in the past 8 hrs, google analytics showed 17 search phrases but clicky only showed 7. The spy didn't work properly too. Only 40% visitors were recorded by clicky comparing with Google Analytics in the last few hours.

The noticeable difference occurred in the past 3-5 days. Clicky only reported 70%-80% visitors and it's even worse from yesterday. The realtime spy was dancing and very unstable too.

Posted Thu Jan 12 2012 5:22a by supsn

Are y'all daft? We are paying $5/month. The analytics are close. I don't need to know about "bots" i need to know about people coming in and stuff. I know that on days where I get 200 actions, I get 3-4 leads. On days where I get 20. Nada.

So it's close, and it's correctly spotting trends.

Posted Sat Jan 14 2012 2:22p by genuinechris

I've just switched to Clicky because I know that Google analytics is inaccurate. It records hits from three sites which are nothing to do with my blog, at the moment showing 309 hits from those sites just today. I was using Degaa, which showed the right stats, but was mucked up when Blogger changed its format. At the moment I'm very happy with Clicky.

Posted Sat Jan 28 2012 8:28a by Dermaptera

Really guys trust me clicky is one of the best i have tried plenty of analytics and google's analytic isnt very accurate. If you are so crazy about a very accurate analytic which even counts bots and stuff signup for cloudflare. Their analytic is more accurate because unlike most analytics they dont use javascripts to track your site

Posted Tue Feb 7 2012 7:59a by rick001

Google Analytics is a fee service that while having some interesting tools should not be taken seriously as a accurate provider of analytics data. GA is good for people with smaller sites and/or blogs. Sites that have significant advertisers and rely on accurate data (or as close to accurate as we can hope to achieve) should NOT use GA or try to compare their results to other providers. It is a mind numbing, time wasting experience that no one deserves. One reason GA is inaccurate is the fact that they use statistical sampling in much of their data with sites having to wait days for scrubbed data to be available.

With GetClicky I have found that their visitor count is higher than GA but the TOS and PV's are lower. ComScore's results show much higher and "better" data than both GC and GA! Why is this? I could probably write a book based on speculation and SWAG. In every company that I have been involved with since grad school in 1998 is that analytics is the source of a significant amount of frustration for these organizations. Why? Nothing is standardized. Every provider has their own way of measuring. So why kill yourself with all of these comparisons? Decide on one provider and live with it. Trust me. You will sleep better at night for it.

Posted Mon Feb 13 2012 2:11p by michaelmnty-DELETED

yes same analytic is showing different stat and getclicky showing different
for "Pictures Of Disney World" this website.

Posted Thu Feb 23 2012 10a by spenzo1

GA is inaccurate and Getclicky is more accurate i concluded and that is true for me at , and i agreed with previous quote informing that better to choose 1 (getclicky) and not focus on comparing them and sleep well at night.

Posted Thu Mar 15 2012 7:48p by smarz

At the end of each day, ask this one question...does it really matter how many people came to your site? It's really just an ego trip in a pathetic sort of way...yea I had 205 more visitors today than yesterday. But does it really count for any flippin' thing? N-O, but it is addictive none the less.

Linda of the famous fantastic fun and exceptionally popular (with women especially)

Posted Sat May 5 2012 6:28p by lindaflirty

on my site clicky is showing 1 click a week. while in 1 and 1 stats / log files it shows many more??

Posted Wed Oct 15 2014 11:34p by barrymoore12


Posted Sun Dec 6 2015 8:20p by fabian28

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