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Welcome back!

In May 2017, after 9 years of lively activity, we had to shut down our discussio…
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Latest: Aug 17 2023 1:57a

Tracking history request

Hello, Clicky Team, I've been used your analytics system for a while. It's gr…
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Latest: Jun 8 2023 9:39a


I believe a way to bypass adblockers is being implemented. How is the progres…
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Latest: May 19 2023 10:57a

Will Clicky considering a basic Premium subscripti…

I have used Clicky to analyze my Web for 20 days. I love clicky, and decide to p…
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Latest: Apr 10 2023 11:03a

I want to add my website to clicky but unable to p…

hi, I created a website using WordPress and insta…
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Latest: Feb 7 2023 3:53p

Off Topic: Website SEO report for website visito…

I have four services currently: SEMRush, WebCEO, WooRank and of course Get…
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Latest: Oct 18 2022 6:36a

No Reply From Support - 7 days

Is the support email being read?, as I have paid and have no service. Sent…
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Latest: Jan 14 2022 6:02p

How does an individual earn money by posting ads o…

How does an individual earn money by posting ads on Facebook?
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Latest: Jan 3 2022 2:43a


Is there a demo of how Clicky and SheerSEO work together?
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Latest: Mar 8 2021 10:28a

privacy policy information

do you need us to post anything specific to on our websites' privac…
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Latest: Mar 2 2017 1:49a

Big Screen - how does it measure "online users…

What is the criteria that defines if a user is considered "online" in the …
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Latest: Feb 23 2017 3:21p

Help! Installed Clicky...Nothing showing up

I put Clicky on my domain However…
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Latest: Jan 11 2017 10:01a

Anyone else see a non NYE related drop in traffic …

I mean I know it was New Year's Eve and all but my site should have actually…
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Latest: Jan 8 2017 4:32a

how to get youtube and facebook as referrers

hi, I was wondering for youtube and facebook... Is there…
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Latest: Dec 14 2016 7:28a

free plan

Hello, If I have say 10,000 pageviews/day but i only want to use the …
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Latest: Dec 13 2016 7:58p


You guys charge me over a $100 dollars and show ads?
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Latest: Nov 25 2016 6:05a

WP Plug-In to allow inline Javascript

Hi all Wordpress users, I want to use Clicky's manual logging fea…
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Latest: Oct 14 2016 11:44a

View Mobile Traffic?

Any idea how I would view mobile vs desktop traffic in percent format…
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Latest: Sep 8 2016 2:50p

Length of a session

I apologize if this is documented somewhere, but I couldn't find it. It look…
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Latest: Aug 30 2016 10:08a

UK Government looking at me

I have noticed the Dept of work and pensions regularly looking at my homepage do…
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Latest: Aug 29 2016 5:43p

Possible to pause account without losing data?

Hello, I'm in the process of changing financial institutions and my billing …
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Latest: Aug 28 2016 2:34p

Visitors by Page

Is there a way to see ALL of the visitors within a specific time frame who have …
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Latest: Jul 14 2016 2:56a

Alerts when a visitor arrives?

Is there a way to receive an alert when a tagged visitor arrives on my website…
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Latest: Jul 13 2016 11:38a

Heat Maps not reporting Youtube videos

We do not report any "clicks" on our iframe embedded youtube videos using he…
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Latest: Jun 9 2016 8:03p

how to identify traffic drop a web

how to identify traffic drop a web, my web is
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Latest: May 6 2016 11:11a

Using Clicky for Tracking AdSense Earnings

I've been using Google's UTM Tracking for tracking traffic campaigns and jus…
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Latest: Feb 5 2016 10:26a

Is Clicky still actively maintained?

There's a lot of activity on this forum, but the product creators do not see…
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Latest: Jan 30 2016 10:07a

View Content by Page Title

Rather than just viewing by "Page", which separates out all URLs with diff…
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Latest: Jan 25 2016 12:16p

What is

I'm beginning to see traffic from in the analytic data from almo…
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Latest: Jan 22 2016 1:20a

analytics is not correct

getclicky analytics is not correct as goingup and google . i paid as member…
16 replies
Latest: Dec 6 2015 8:20p

Spam Bot Semalt Logs - Please stop

Hi, I found only one of my websites quite a lot of traffic logs. It…
20 replies
Latest: Sep 27 2015 4:53p

User segmentation

Can I segment my site into eg womans clothes, mens clothes and other groups…
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Latest: Sep 22 2015 12:24p

GetClicky becomes GetSticky, Slow Performance

I already host the JS code with my own, but I can do nothing with the tracing …
6 replies
Latest: Jul 23 2015 8:15a

On-Site Analytics and Heatmaps on free trial accou…

Hi, Are the on-site and heatmaps features available during the fre…
4 replies
Latest: May 21 2015 11:27a

Heat maps shows clicks on empty space

Hi, I've just started messing with the heatmap feature and I unde…
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Latest: Apr 24 2015 6:02p

What is the point?

Have taken Clicky off my site but have just got a reminder email, so thought t…
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Latest: Apr 14 2015 5:37a

Referral Spammers, buttons…

Can Clicky team do something about it to stop to show logs from them?
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Latest: Apr 12 2015 1:11p


What is difference in the HTTP and HTTPS?
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Latest: Mar 31 2015 9:43a

Total and unique number of clicks for bookmarks an…

Hi, May i know if Clicky can display a total and unique number of …
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Latest: Mar 23 2015 2:30p

Bot or What?

I have almost everyday in one of my domain view from China and always from the s…
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Latest: Feb 10 2015 2:36a

Ad level tracking

Hi, Is there a way to track the conversions at the ad level like it…
3 replies
Latest: Feb 3 2015 7:58a

Adwords Integration with Clicky

must we tag ad urls within adwords in order to utilize clicky? i li…
12 replies
Latest: Jan 29 2015 10:58a

Does Clicky Recognize Googe Link Tags

Does Clicky recognize Google Analytics custom source, medium and campaign link…
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Latest: Jan 14 2015 1:09p

Dashboard does not update

Hi Support I have been using Get Clicky for a while now on my WIN7 PC…
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Latest: Jan 6 2015 12:53a

How to track conversion rate of each email of auto…

Hi, I am a complete newby with Tracking, so I need your help desp…
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Latest: Dec 3 2014 6:22p

VWO discount

As per the split test page: "VWO provides two services: setting…
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Latest: Dec 3 2014 4:36p

Switched site to https

Discovered clicky no longer works and I would need to upgrade. So bye bye.
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Latest: Nov 5 2014 5:06a

Tracking Pinterest pins

I'm not sure that this is possible, but figured I'd ask in case someone wh…
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Latest: Sep 25 2014 2:05a

Traffic From Yahoo Answers = Direct Traffic?

Hello, for a new site I've started a campaign on Yahoo Answers. T…
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Latest: Aug 4 2014 4:59a

F U Bluehost

That is all.
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Latest: Jul 22 2014 1:59a

CPVLab and Clicky

Has anyone used the Clicky API with CPVLab? Is there any documentation anywher…
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Latest: May 29 2014 11:33a

Same Web Site, 2 tracking scripts

I am trying to setup a two scripts one for logged in and one for public, on th…
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Latest: May 5 2014 11:12a

Error producing PDF. Please try again

We have same problem from 2 year If we want to see the report or download t…
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Latest: May 4 2014 1:50a

Visitors from Andorra show up as Advertising (in…

I noticed that visitors from Andorra show up as Advertising in the Traffic Sourc…
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Latest: Apr 28 2014 7:54a


When I add a domain to getclicky, will it automatically track sub-domains, o…
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Latest: Apr 21 2014 10:52a

Google Starts Blocking Access to Paid Search Keywo…

This is may hurt clicky reporting. Although you could use manual tagging in your…
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Latest: Apr 17 2014 4:49p

Split testing site templates

I am hoping to use clicky to split test site changes, to help understand what …
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Latest: Mar 20 2014 5:52a

Off-Topic: Email Marketing Provider Recommendati…

Hello, I am satisfied customer of Clicky analytics. For email marke…
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Latest: Mar 18 2014 4p

Does running Google analytics HURT your site?

Heard a comment from a long time SEO guy that he doesn't run GA on any sites f…
2 replies
Latest: Mar 11 2014 9:18a

Glossary, lexicon, terms, definitions

I really need help understanding all the terms used on the site. Visitors, new…
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Latest: Mar 10 2014 4:22a

Flat touch monitor to display BIG screen

Here's what I want to do I want a touch screen where I can open a browser…
2 replies
Latest: Feb 21 2014 1:26p

On-site analytics widget not secure

Hi, So far, I've really enjoyed clicky, but I have discovered some…
4 replies
Latest: Feb 20 2014 2:24p

YOURLS plugin to use clicky

I'm a long term clicky user, and I also run my own URL shorteners, powered…
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Latest: Jan 31 2014 8:50p

Cannot understand what this means

Hello, I have configured some campaigns in order to follow the google ads…
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Latest: Jan 28 2014 12:27a

Why does clicky report much lower active online us…

I am brand new to Clicky. My current analytics setup is with Google Analytics a…
6 replies
Latest: Jan 15 2014 7:18a

Adwords Advert

Hi, When I look at my ´Most Active Visitors¨it shows me that in the…
2 replies
Latest: Dec 10 2013 8:33a

Stats messed up today

The charts seem to take a day off.
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Latest: Nov 18 2013 11:29a


We have some embedded youtube videos. Is there any way to track when they watch …
5 replies
Latest: Nov 16 2013 5:46a

0 visitor

Hei why my website track 0 visitor, I have place the tracking code with good…
3 replies
Latest: Oct 10 2013 5:15a

What is an Advertising Traffic Source?

Hey guys, today for the first time I saw on my stats that my websit…
4 replies
Latest: Sep 26 2013 7:52a

FB traffic coming in as "Direct" no reffering …

I am launching a brand new site (1 week old) so it is not receiving any curr…
5 replies
Latest: Aug 7 2013 2:24p

Upgrade? - I need to know how meny Downloads…

Hi, I need to know how many downloads it got through the button "download…
1 replies
Latest: Jun 24 2013 10:35a

help me for install easylifeapp

Hello friends I can’t install now any apps in my PC after I installed ea…
1 replies
Latest: Jun 7 2013 12:30p

Tracking Ad Cost

Hi there; Is there a way to track how much a "click" costs when…
1 replies
Latest: May 20 2013 10:08a

Goodbye Analytics, Hello Clicky

Hey Everyone, A few years ago I gave Clicky (known as GetClicky a…
4 replies
Latest: May 16 2013 8:17a

I have 10 domains in my account. Can i Create a lo…

Id like to give a partner of mine log in access so that when he logs in he only …
2 replies
Latest: May 14 2013 8:25a

Copy Dashboard to all sites in account?

Years ago it was relatively easy to save a preferred Dashboard layout to all the…
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Latest: Apr 21 2013 10:06a

integrating different Adwords campaign with the sa…

Hey, I would like to use the campaign report but the problem is i have di…
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Latest: Apr 14 2013 11:01a

Site Down Alert request status

Second attempt to post. Hope htis isn't a duplicate. Is there a fea…
3 replies
Latest: Apr 6 2013 11:45a

Looks like Feedly is the big winner so far in Goog…

... according to my referrers in clicky yesterday. Nothing else is even on the b…
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Latest: Mar 15 2013 4:41a

Everyone else notice the MASSIVE increase in [se…

... as people have updated to Chrome version 25? Sigh. We all knew …
3 replies
Latest: Mar 1 2013 11:03a

Just Joined So Far Brilliant Clicky Software

Hi everyone just joined I think Clicky is brilliant software very easy to naviga…
2 replies
Latest: Feb 27 2013 3:43p

Mystery Site Visits

On maybe a dozen different occasions since using Clicky (had no web analytics …
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Latest: Feb 18 2013 4:44a

visit my website and give your valuable suggestion…

visit my website give your valuable…
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Latest: Jan 31 2013 9:47p


Just wanted to say thank you. I had been a long time customer of Clicky some tim…
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Latest: Dec 28 2012 6:20p

WTF Clicky!?!? What's with you spamming …

I visit my sites and see that without my approval, you decide to spam all of m…
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Latest: Dec 12 2012 5:24a


Spy not working ?
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Latest: Nov 29 2012 1:31p

Geo Location Info, MAC address, VPN's, Tun…

Hi all, I've been looking into VPN's, VPS (Hide My Ass) and had a qu…
3 replies
Latest: Oct 10 2012 7:41a

Blog Spam Comments

This is a general question as I am curious. My blog gets about 50 spam comment…
5 replies
Latest: Oct 7 2012 7:55a

Re: Get Clicky

Just wanted to post to say what a great plugin and website Get Clicky is, my w…
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Latest: Oct 7 2012 7:50a

uptime checkers - any experiences?

Even though I trust my web host very much, I have difficulties to believe that…
12 replies
Latest: Sep 6 2012 5:09a


I just switched back to Firefox from Chrome (it was useless), so I need a …
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Latest: Aug 28 2012 6:27p

Referrers that aren't referrers

Twice lately I have noticed "inbound link" referrers on site 66349133 - for …
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Latest: Aug 16 2012 6:26a

Clicky Web Analytics as a Desktop App

I've just posted a nice tutorial around using Clicky's Spy feature within a …
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Latest: Aug 14 2012 11:19a

clicky.log - what href do we give for testing our …

We are planning to use clicky.log to track when users are clicking on certain l…
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Latest: Aug 8 2012 4:01p

New Vistors

How is new visitor measured? Is that someone who has never visited or is …
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Latest: Jul 27 2012 7:26a

can i see traffic reports after trial period expir…

Hello, currently I am using Trial period of getclicky and want to k…
2 replies
Latest: Jul 25 2012 2:41a

Alerts on Non-Goal Non-Campaign actions?

Is there a way to relieve alerts on simple clicky.log events instead of Goals…
3 replies
Latest: Jul 17 2012 6:42a

Commission Shortcut review

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Latest: Jun 26 2012 7:07p

IP versus UID

Hi there, I used to tag IP addresses and visitors would show up fine in s…
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Latest: Jun 26 2012 2:01a