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how to get youtube and facebook as referrers


I was wondering for youtube and facebook...

Is there a way to tell WHICH youtube video has been referring the most traffic?

Or which fb fan page post has been referring the most traffic?

Right now I can only see for incoming links, and cannot see the specific posts.

And youtube, even though I am testing clicking on the description boxes of the specific videos, it's still not showing youtube as the referrer.

Please help

Posted Wed Dec 3 2014 5:56p by HarryPotter

Did you install the Youtube tracking stuff in the top of your HTML file?

Here is the code. Just click "Youtube" and use the "new method"

Posted Wed Dec 3 2014 9:32p by gladius9

thanks for the reply, I'm referring to seeing youtube as a traffic source

which is different than tracking youtube analytics and interactions on my site?

for example, there are lots of people who video our videos... but what i want to know is which video is causing the users to come to our site


Posted Wed Dec 3 2014 9:43p by HarryPotter

It would be interesting to see what your browser thinks the referrer is. You can make a 3-line PHP script to have it display the $_SERVER variable, and you want the HTTP_REFERER to see what it looks like.

I can't post HTML in this forum, but here's a link with the script. Use the first example. Put that in a file called test.php and then click through to it.

Posted Wed Dec 3 2014 10p by gladius9

You would have to use a campaign tag to get that detail as there is no way to tell which exact post or video is referring traffic from Facebook or YouTube.

Posted Thu Dec 4 2014 5:02a by ringo64

got it! using campaigns now :)

thanks @ringo64

Posted Thu Dec 4 2014 11:51a by HarryPotter

I am currently using a Plugin called "incoming links" on my Wordpress website, that shows me the exact backlink. It will show you which Youtube video is linking to you.

Posted Wed Dec 14 2016 7:28a by TreeMasters

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