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UK Government looking at me

I have noticed the Dept of work and pensions regularly looking at my homepage does anyone else get this ?

Posted Sun Aug 28 2016 4:20a by removalizer

Depends what you sell, even government workers go on the bludge and surf the web

Posted Sun Aug 28 2016 2:33p by tokentools-DELETED

I'm a furniture removal company in the north of england the user is in London and visits regularly, seems a bit strange just wondered if I am under investigation ?

Posted Sun Aug 28 2016 2:38p by removalizer

If you have shenanigans in the cupboard, yes. Otherwise ignore...

Posted Sun Aug 28 2016 10:44p by Canonnews

Are you removing anything with your trucks besides furniture ?


Posted Mon Aug 29 2016 2:49p by gladius9

could it be related to workers comp claims?

Posted Mon Aug 29 2016 5:43p by 123seattle

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