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Everyone else notice the MASSIVE increase in [secure search] results this week?

... as people have updated to Chrome version 25?

Sigh. We all knew this was coming when they announced in January that Chrome was going to move to search encryption, but it's still startling to see in practice now that it's here.

We're going to see a lot of articles about this over the next couple weeks, I'd imagine.

Posted Thu Feb 28 2013 10:28p by markseifert

Yeah, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Now probably 90% of my search visitors come from [secure search].

Posted Fri Mar 1 2013 9:03a by RoboticsGuy

I was wondering what was happening, that sucks.

Posted Fri Mar 1 2013 9:38a by vjix-DELETED

I had noticed this too and was wondering what was causing it. Sigh.

I guess Chrome really is taking over the world - when Firefox changed to default HTTPS search back in July, there was almost no difference, in our stats anyways. But this time it's very noticeable.

Posted Fri Mar 1 2013 11:03a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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