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Off-Topic: Email Marketing Provider Recommendation

Hello, I am satisfied customer of Clicky analytics.

For email marketing, I currently use Constant Contact. It's essentially the opposite of Clicky's design - hard to use, antiquated technologies, limited features, etc.

Does anyone hear have recommendations on an email marketing provider that offers similar quality and sophistication to Clicky?



Posted Mon Oct 26 2009 10:43a by jr1734

You need to check out MailChimp ( I used to be with aweber before switching over. Very friendly and easy to use and an API as well. No affiliation, just a happy customer.

~ David

Posted Mon Oct 26 2009 3:27p by Nerveman

Sorry I have no recommendations, as I don't use any products of that type!

Posted Tue Oct 27 2009 3:28p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

can we figure out a way to use clicky analytics for email campaigns?
they currently use a noscript gif to track --- can we use clicky better to track emails using that gif please?

Posted Thu Nov 19 2009 8:44a by ilnickiap

You can use our campaigns feature or our URL shortener to track clicks on link in your emails, but there isn't a way to track the emails themselves.

Posted Tue Nov 24 2009 1:41p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Check out OEMpro. I researched this for months, landed on them. Paid the $175 and it is fantastic. Customer service was excellent.

Posted Sun Jan 3 2010 11:14a by serenexity

I have been using campaign monitor. Very nice to collect and manage emails. You only pay when you send.

Posted Fri Jan 22 2010 10:42a by tymedia

Newbie to the site, very excited - lots of information for me to use.

I work for a small company that offers third party hardware support for Network Attached Storage / Storage Area Networks (NAS/SAN)

I have been in charge of the email marketing to our list of several thousand customers for the past 14 months. We have been using an email service provider called Constant Contact.

While the service worked, i did not set it up correctly (organize it) and it does not track information as well as i want it to (for us, 1 customer can mean anywhere from a $300 sale, up to a $70,000-$200,000+ sale)


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Posted Tue Aug 17 2010 5:10a by

Hi,You can try with Email-M.COM - SAAS Web Email Marketing Service Provider.It is providing the lifetime free plan of doing effective email marketing & Email Marketing is very easy with Email-M.Com .

Posted Mon Nov 22 2010 8:58p by robertflorish

You can use non-standart functionality like wordpress aggregator. This is rss feed aggregator that send feeds over email at once to many emails and have schedule for every feed to work automatic. Free version is here:

Posted Thu Jan 6 2011 2:14p by rssnews

I think mailchimp is the best email marketing service providers.. We used them for a couple of times and we would recommend them.

Posted Mon Jan 10 2011 4:21a by hotelscyprus

MailChimp for sure.

Posted Wed Mar 23 2011 8:20p by popstache

we use mailchimp though i havent integrated clicky into it yet.

Posted Fri Mar 25 2011 6:50a by DeanCollins

Wow, I've been a Constant Contact reseller for years and actually think their website interface has GREATLY improved recently. Are you sure your account is not still using the old website version?? I would contact them, its a really good product I think.

I found MailChimp to be more annoying to use than Constant Contact...but I guess that's me.

Chris Powers

Posted Sat May 28 2011 10:48p by cgmpowers

Chris, my question was from 2 years ago. I do agree that recently it has improved. However, I still find it much more cumbersome to draft emails than in aweber.

Posted Sat May 28 2011 11:36p by jr1734

I use Mandrill. I find that as a coder it is much faster to do the stuff myself instead of templates then let a transactional service do the heavy lifting.

Posted Tue Jan 15 2013 6:27a by mikeusry

Pinpointe in in final beta of integrating Clicky into their email marketing system. You can contact Pinpointe at or call at 408-834-7577

Posted Tue Mar 5 2013 1:35p by pinpointe

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Posted Fri Oct 4 2013 3:54a by

Can you close this discussion or unsubscribe me? it's from 4 years ago and the most recent comments are spam.

Posted Fri Oct 4 2013 9:14a by jr1734

Would second the recommendation for Campaign Monitor. Well-designed backend, excellent deliverability rate, good blog on tips & tricks, reasonable pricing.

Posted Mon Feb 3 2014 3:04p by silverliebt

I can only concur, I would like to know if I send out an email to 5 of my employees and they use company webmail, I want to know if they are forwarding it off to external accounts at yahoo or hotmail, and if the people are opening the emails, and if they are, I want all their information like if they came to my site, the IP browser information, location, I don't understand why this is so difficult..

Posted Tue Mar 18 2014 4p by webmaxdb

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