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Anyone else see a non NYE related drop in traffic last night?

I mean I know it was New Year's Eve and all but my site should have actually, if anything, done better than normal.

Plus Google Analytics shows me doing great...

Anyone else seeing only 10% of the traffic they would have expected for New Years' Eve on clicky?

I'm db11 if that's relevant.

Posted Sun Jan 1 2017 5:30a by MagicMan

I saw a similar drop over the last couple of days. GA is showing 3x the number of pageviews.

Posted Sun Jan 1 2017 7:27a by cheeseweb-DELETED

Yep. My visits dropped by about 30%. Today is also quite slow.

Posted Sun Jan 1 2017 11:22a by skilledflyer

Cheeseweb and skilledflyer, what db are you on?

Posted Sun Jan 1 2017 1:18p by MagicMan

Posted Sun Jan 1 2017 5:20p by slashgear

Hi, it was an issue with Cloudflare which we use for CDN. Some HTTPS certs unexpectedly expired on 12/31 which caused obvious errors with any site including code from those domains. This affected us so includes were causing HTTPS errors and hence visitors not getting logged for secure sites. It's fixed now. I think it lasted about 6 hours total.

Posted Mon Jan 2 2017 7:55p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Posted Sun Jan 8 2017 4:32a by mkazi2014

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