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Length of a session

I apologize if this is documented somewhere, but I couldn't find it. It looks like Clicky takes a series of PageView events from a single user and during post-processing, determines which of those events belong to the same session.

How long is a session? Put another way, what length of time between two successive PageViews by the same user would cause that data to tip into being more than one session?

I believe Google Analytics has standardized on 30mins, and midnight, as the "session separation" rule. Curious as to what Clicky's is.

Posted Fri Aug 26 2016 3:49p by kiepferd

It's a little bit more complicated, because Clicky's systems are more accurate.
You can find more details with this help
For eachs clics, and other actions, clicky is pinged.

In fact a session is long as your visitor is on your website.

Posted Sat Aug 27 2016 5:15a by Glabok

Thank you! I did see that Clicky is more sophisticated in that it looks at more than just page views.

However, my question still remains, and maybe here is a more relevant example:
User comes to website, clicks around for a few mins, and then goes away. 29 minutes later, they fire up their browser again, and return to my site and look at another few pages in a short time period.

Would these be 2 sessions/visits or 1? Under GA, which uses a "30 minutes of inactivity creates a new session" rule, it'd be a single session. What is the rule by which Clicky determines some activity (to your point, "activity" includes more than just page views) to be a new session?

Posted Tue Aug 30 2016 10:08a by kiepferd

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