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Why does clicky report much lower active online users?

I am brand new to Clicky. My current analytics setup is with Google Analytics and also a service called Woopra. I am looking to leave Woopra due to cost. The one thing I am comparing right now is the number of active online users. Clicky is currently constantly reporting at least 30% less active online users compared to the other two services. Does anyone know what is different with Clicky or if there might be settings changes to get it to match closer to the other two? I would expect to be off by a few, but not that is much.

Thank you!

Posted Mon Jan 13 2014 5:19p by jeffmacex

Also I am trying to find out where Visits is. Is that tracked? I am assuming Visitors is unique users visiting the site, but what about overall visits for the day???

Posted Tue Jan 14 2014 4:39a by jeffmacex

Visitors is overall visitors, if you click "expand" you will see Unique.

I would check out this Help thread as to where Clicky differs from other Analytic tools:

Especially this to answer your question on real-time on-site via Spy:

Posted Tue Jan 14 2014 5:02a by ringo64

Wow, so this is off by 1,000 visits and about 250 unique people from Woopra so far today

Posted Tue Jan 14 2014 5:04a by jeffmacex

That seems like a LOT, been a while since I've worked with Woopra but the first thing I would check is if your Clicky tracking script is on EVERY page you want to track. Be advised that Clicky does not count bots and other items (and as well as yourself but don't think your visits are the problem here lol) and has a strict policy of what it qualifies as a human, which I've found to be REALLY good (can read about it at the link I provided above). Do you have any IPs blocked yet? You've been running the tool for multiple days, correct? (this will give you a better data selection set and idea).

Overall if you're on the free trial still, as a very happy customer of Clicky's, I would suggest to keep running it as their stats are pretty spot on. However, please keep in mind that no Analytical tool is 100% correct, which is why I always run Clicky and Google Analytics on my sites to get the whole picture.

Posted Tue Jan 14 2014 5:34a by ringo64

Yes, I can verify that clicky is running on all pages of the site. Woopra is not letting bots in either. I think it would be pretty noticeable to see 1000+ bot visits. I will let it go for a few more days, but I just found that to be a wide gap in the first 6-7 hours of the day. By the end of the day it will probably be between 2500-4000 visits off.

Posted Tue Jan 14 2014 5:45a by jeffmacex

So at the end of the day it was actually worse than I though. The final difference in visitors was 4,329 less reported by Clicky. Is it the session time? Here is a FAQ on woopra about the difference between them and Google Analytics which Clicky seems to be setup like.

Are there changes in session time out or something what can change the numbers.

They state:

Woopra shows you exactly who is on your site, what they’re doing, and when they leave. Woopra’s reporting is accurate to the second.

Google Analytics reports based on who has been active on your site within the last 5 minutes. That means if a visitor is reading something on your site, watching a video, or idle for more than 5 minutes, Google Analytics won’t report that they’re on your website. It also means that if a visitor left your site within the last 5 minutes, Google Analytics will inaccurately show that they’re still on.

Posted Wed Jan 15 2014 7:18a by jeffmacex

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