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Hi, When I look at my ´Most Active Visitors¨it shows me that in the last 7 days the same person has visited my site 59 times. Does that mean they clicked on my adwords advert 59 times? If not is there a way to tell if 1 person keeps clicking on my adverts?

Posted Mon Dec 9 2013 11:46p by carolinestn

Don't worry about somebody clicking on your adwords. Google adwords has a system to prevent fraud or duplicated clicks and they can find them and then they give you back your money if they found you had some fraud or duplicated clicks.
Hope it helps !
sorry for my bad english, i am french.
Using Adwords and Bing Ads for some clients all the day along :D

Posted Tue Dec 10 2013 3:34a by choponewsletter

After logging in to Clicky, look under "Traffic Sources" on your "Reports" page; traffic coming to your site via advertising such as AdWords will be designated as such. You can tag these visitors to better track them. If you have someone repeatedly clicking your ad in a way that Google (and only Google, unfortunately) believes is fraudulent as opposed to comparison shopping or the like, you can block that IP in your AdWords dashboard. Also, your AdWords dashboard will tell you how many clicks you have received on your ad.

Posted Tue Dec 10 2013 8:33a by ajm1976

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