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Alerts on Non-Goal Non-Campaign actions?

Is there a way to relieve alerts on simple clicky.log events instead of Goals? I want to know when people are clicking or doing things that are not goals or campaigns.

Posted Tue Jul 10 2012 4:13pm by cbf

Posted Thu Jul 12 2012 4:23pm by jakey

Just found this too.

Posted Thu Jul 12 2012 4:28pm by jakey

Thanks. I've been using the css tags, but they do not show up in "Click Events": /stats/visitors?site_id=]your site id]&date=today#/stats/visitors-actions?site_id=[your site id]&action_type click And the only way to see an action with the css tags is if they show up in Spy, which only shows the last 40 actions. And why is that?

Posted Tue Jul 17 2012 6:42am by cbf

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