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uptime checkers - any experiences?

Even though I trust my web host very much, I have difficulties to believe that sometimes an entire afternoon no visitors come to my site. Has anyone here got experience with one of the many site uptime check services?

Posted Sat Aug 15 2009 12:45p by dekruyff

I don't, sorry. We wrote our own script for Clicky actually that checks all our servers every minute from a remote network location. But this isn't a service we're offering to the public.

Posted Sat Aug 15 2009 1:22p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Been using pingdom for about a year. seems pretty reliable. Not free, but I think they have a 30 day trial.

Posted Sat Aug 15 2009 1:53p by pcs_dimitri

I'm wondering why the tracker on my blog shows people coming to my blog and from where but Clicky doesn't show anyone coming to my site...or only a few anyway...

Posted Sat Aug 15 2009 2:28p by TeriJo

If you are looking for a server checker, there is one that I have programmed. In return for this service, I ask that you please click one ad on my webpage :) That'll be enough.

Go here to help me out:

And here is the server checker:

~GP Admin~

Posted Sat Aug 15 2009 5:19p by Myst1337

I've been using webcron (, and am very happy with them. Monitoring every three minutes costs about $2/month, more or less frequent costs more/less. When you sign up, your account starts with a positive balance, so you can test the service for a while before you have to buy any credits.

Posted Wed Aug 26 2009 6:07p by rkosara-DELETED

It's what twitter uses and is free.

We lost our site for 5 minutes and I received a notice as soon as it went down and the moment it went back on line :))

Posted Wed Sep 2 2009 8:02a by Y4Food

I also Use Pingdom; had paid subscription, but lately they offer free monitoring for max. 1 website. Very quick information about up-downtimes. Also alerts via sms.

Posted Sun Sep 6 2009 8:48a by jobojobo

@jobojobo and @Y4Food: I tried this free monitoring. Seems good but lasted less than a day to run out. Now pingdom asks to upgrade to continue the monitoring. So how come you say it's a free service?

Posted Mon Sep 7 2009 12:21a by dekruyff

Webcron looks promising and very low-cost. Now I do a trial on both Webcron and Site24x7 to see which I like most.

Thanks for your input!

Posted Tue Sep 8 2009 2:09a by dekruyff

Also check out

~ David

Posted Mon Oct 26 2009 3:35p by Nerveman

Why dont clicky start this service, albeit with a minor charge to the price, include this as an upgrade, helps us in reducing the subscriptions that we might have to take up at paypal :)

Posted Wed Nov 18 2009 7:50p by cobs-DELETED

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