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What is an Advertising Traffic Source?

Hey guys,

today for the first time I saw on my stats that my website was accessed not only through links, social media, email, etc, but also by "Advertising".

I noticed an "Advertising" tab under the Traffic Sources, but I have no idea what is that.

Can anybody explain please?


Posted Mon Jan 21 2013 11:43a by ScamDetector

Have a look at campaigns:

Posted Mon Jan 21 2013 12:01p by mbsportsweb

We have a variety of patterns we check for to determine if a visitor is likely "advertising". It;'s not 100% accurate but it works fairly well for most sites. For example if the referring domain starts with "ad." or "ads." - there are a hundred more though.

Also anyone who gets flagged as a "campaign", we also mark them as advertising.

Posted Wed Jan 23 2013 12:08a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

It marks someone coming from (Andorra) as advertising -- which can't be right..

Posted Thu Jan 31 2013 3:45a by rikbru

I don't understand why anything that's a 'campaign' is also 'Advertising'. They're not, and doing it this way seems, if you'll excuse the bluntness, utterly dumb.

I tag all sorts of inbound links that I seed around the web with campaign UTM tags. But they're not advertising. They're not paid links. They're just UTM tags. What is the rationale for dumping anything with a UTM tag as advertising?

Put another way, how can I get an incoming link to go in the campaign section but NOT advertising?

Posted Thu Sep 26 2013 7:52a by owenb

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