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free plan

If I have say 10,000 pageviews/day but i only want to use the free version can i use it?I have no plans to go for a paid now.Can i then continue to use clicky free?I don't use to go for a paid plan.

Posted Wed Sep 21 2016 4:30a by smkghosh-DELETED

Posted Wed Sep 21 2016 8:25a by Sanakhan22016

@smkghosh: the free plan will cap you at 3,000 views a day, which will make no sense, who would want to see only 1/3rd of their daily traffic.

Posted Wed Sep 21 2016 9:31a by drkskwlkr

if you get over 10,000 views per day and can't afford $100 a year then it must be a terrible site that makes no money at all

Posted Tue Dec 13 2016 7:58p by nathan_boscolighting

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