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Site Down Alert request status

Second attempt to post. Hope htis isn't a duplicate.

Is there a feature implemented to send email or text alerts when a site goes down?

I have read where this was being considered and if it were to happen it would have been initiated by now (from what I read).

So questions is: "Does Clicky Analytics send an alert to notify if a site goes down?".

Thanks and sorry if this duplicates.

Posted Mon Apr 1 2013 3:03p by stinkykong offer a free alert service for this.

Posted Mon Apr 1 2013 8:42p by rendesr

Yes, in the "Uptime" tab.

Posted Sat Apr 6 2013 11:36a by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thanks for both answers. My focus as a prospective Clicky customer was what Clicky offers but all other info is also good to know. Thanks.

Posted Sat Apr 6 2013 11:45a by stinkykong

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