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Adwords Integration with Clicky

must we tag ad urls within adwords in order to utilize clicky? i like being able to drill down within google analytics, into adgroups, without having to tag. Must we tag all ad urls in order to drill down to campaign/adgroups?

Posted Thu Dec 25 2008 3:16am by PPCPROZ

Yes! Please!

Posted Thu Dec 25 2008 4:42am by rodjer

Our campaign system was designed to be flexible enough to work with any existing ad network. If you're using Google Analytics to track campaigns, that means that your landing pages for your ads have either a "gclid" URL variable, or some of the "utm_" variables. If you want to just tag all of these visitors automatically as a single "campaign", you could create a campaign on Clicky using wildcards so that all visitors coming in through your campaigns will be logged appropriately. For example your landing page URLs in Clicky could be "*gclid=*", or "*utm_*" (no quotes). Most people probably want their campaigns to be logged seperately so depending on how many you have, that may or may not be a big project to set them all up on Clicky. But it does give you more fine grained details on your individual campaigns. Does that make sense?

Posted Thu Dec 25 2008 10:04pm by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

Actually, I currently have no tags whatsoever on my Adwords destination urls now. Adwords automatically syncs with analytics without having to tag the ads, knowing where goals/metrics have come down to the keyword level, and with a user defined filter, including exact search queries according to:

Posted Thu Dec 25 2008 10:13pm by PPCPROZ

If you are not tagging the links yourself then Google is doing it for you. Try clicking one of your ads. The page you land on should have a "gclid" URL in the variable, even though you didn't specify that when you created the ad. That's how Google Analytics can automatically track your adwords campaigns without any work on your end - they own both the ad network and the analyzer so they have that ability. So that's why I was saying to create a campaign with a gclid filter. That should automatically grab all of your visitors who come in through your ads.

Posted Sun Dec 28 2008 10:06am by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

gclid, ok, i see. that would tell me if the click was adwords or other... it still would not allow me the granularity i have now with GA, down to the keyword level.

Posted Sun Dec 28 2008 10:19am by PPCPROZ

Hi guys, I have been having a little trouble with tracking my google ads campaign. I monitor two websites using cliky, for both I have a campaign setup where match type is landing page and string is *gclid* . For one campaign, this has been working fine for months. For the other website, is doesn`t at all. Google reports 200 clicks or so but only 4 visitors are shown in the campaign. When I tried clicking on the ad myself, the part with /?gclid= etc. was cut off and only the domain appereared in my browser. With the other campaign, this works just fine. Does anybody have an idea why this could be? Thanks for your help!

Posted Wed Feb 11 2009 1:01am by sauspielx

sauspiel, if Google isn't adding that variable automatically, then you can add one yourself. It shouldn't be gclid, but if you were advertising cars for example,you could add ?campaign=car onto the end of the page you enter into Adwords, then setup a campaign on Clicky to monitor for that string *campaign=car*

Posted Wed Feb 11 2009 1:19am by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

this has been very helpful information, thank you.

Posted Wed Feb 11 2009 2:58am by PPCPROZ

Clicky doesn't allow * or _ to be entered for URL substrings, so you need to delete those from what the Admin said.

Posted Mon Mar 9 2009 6:58pm by marks

hi, if I would like to track my Google Adwords cpc campaigns, I have tried to add ?campaign=googlecpc to the end of my landing URL, and adding *campaign=googlecpc* to my match string, but no results. Could you advise on the campaign setup required for my match type and match string? Thanks!

Posted Mon Sep 28 2009 5:49am by jeffshi

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Posted Mon Aug 25 2014 11:46pm by 8587824453

Hi This is one of a few pages which touch on integrating Clicky with AdWords... and whilst it might make things crystal clear to more techier people than me - it's not doing it for me! Is it too much to ask for a definitive guide with explanations, examples, screenshots, etc?

Posted Thu Jan 29 2015 10:58am by Gids

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