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Heat maps shows clicks on empty space


I've just started messing with the heatmap feature and I understand what it's supposed to show, but I'm puzzled by the fact that it has been showing a lot of "heat" oon areas where there's no buttons or anything to click, just empty space. Why would "a lot of people" click on the same empty spot?

Posted Sat Apr 18 2015 7:44a by editora

Maybe you've got a drop down menu on the top navigation? Or there is something else that could be there for your visitors to click on but you're not seeing. Also check your site-specs in clicky in terms of width.

Posted Sun Apr 19 2015 11:42p by robino

People click around a page as they read it. It's totally normal. You should see more clicks on things that are clickable though.

Posted Fri Apr 24 2015 6:02p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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