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Geo Location Info, MAC address, VPN's, Tunneling

Hi all, I've been looking into VPN's, VPS (Hide My Ass) and had a question about what my ISP can see and what info can make it through even if I'm tunneling.

I've done some research and found that even using HMA my MAC address is still sent to my ISP.

Does this compromise my anonymity? In let's say, setting up a new gmail account?

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.

Posted Tue Dec 13 2011 11:25a by ChicagoSEOConsultants

Your ISP will know you have initiated a VPN tunnel, but as long as you verify the authenticity of the VPN endpoint (using a certificate) they will not be able to decrypt any of the data passed through.

Posted Wed Dec 14 2011 6:56a by xanol

Thanks Xanol.

Posted Tue Jan 3 2012 8:26p by ChicagoSEOConsultants

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Posted Wed Oct 10 2012 7:41a by

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