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Ad level tracking

Hi, Is there a way to track the conversions at the ad level like it is done in google adwords tool ,so that we can test the conversions at the ad level as well

Posted Mon Feb 2 2015 9:37pm by sandeepyn

Define ad level? Are these your ads on other websites that lead to your website or other website ads on your site?

Posted Tue Feb 3 2015 5:09am by ringo64

Hi, They are ads on other website(google) which leads to our site.

Posted Tue Feb 3 2015 7:47am by sandeepyn

Best way would be to use the campaign tag in your URL that you give to your advertiser (Google) and then use a goal on your form/shopping cart/conversion. That way you can say X people came in via the campaign and we converted X people of that. If you're not familiar with utm campaigns tags in URLs, you can look at this Google helper tool and it will explain it. The tags are a universal standard for analytic tools so they will work in Clicky, Google Analytics, etc...

Posted Tue Feb 3 2015 7:58am by ringo64

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