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When I add a domain to getclicky, will it automatically track sub-domains, or would I have to track sub-domains as separate sites?

Posted Sun Apr 29 2012 2:50p by Multimastery

I tend to track sub-domains separately on Getclicky anyway.

Posted Sun Apr 29 2012 4:05p by anthem

Same question here

Posted Sun Apr 29 2012 5:23p by dineroconmiweb-DELETED

Yes exactly right...
I am doing as a new site....

Posted Sun Apr 29 2012 10:08p by wsy3986

OK guess I'll track it as new site, thanks.

Posted Mon Apr 30 2012 1:04p by Multimastery

I do track them as separate sites but I still want to see aggregate numbers, so I added one more site in which I track all sub-domains.
My problem now CLicky is charging me for double of my actual traffic. Anyone has the same issue? Any thoughts on better practices to track sub-domains?

Posted Mon Apr 21 2014 10:52a by cliffpeskinx

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