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Tracking Ad Cost

Hi there;

Is there a way to track how much a "click" costs when it comes to your website from another source (if you're paying for advertising).

I'd love to be able to see a running ROI of all the products that the customer has purchased in my funnels compared to the CPC.

Thanks a ton!
- Adam

Posted Mon May 20 2013 8:39a by adam_schneller

This may not be the "best" way but it will work:

You'll need to setup a "Campaign" on the URLs used in the ads, then a "Goal" when someone completes a purchase of your product with revenue (if you don't have these already), then you'll be able to compare that X number of users came in via XYZ campaign and spent $x.xx while on the site. Then you can go back and find your CPC with your advertiser and get total ROI.

You can find more information on Goals and Campaigns under their respective headings in the reports or in Help.

Posted Mon May 20 2013 10:08a by ringo64

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