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I just switched back to Firefox from Chrome (it was useless), so I need a Firefox add-on!

Posted Thu May 3 2012 7:18am by TheRoadtoMyself

I also switched from GC to FF and need add-on. Common Clicky :-)

Posted Sat Jul 7 2012 3:30am by adamim

The Chrome developer said he wanted to make a FF plugin that works like the Chrome one but he didn't know if he actually would. It is a third party app so we have no control over it!

Posted Sun Jul 8 2012 10:29am by <b class=red>Your Friendly Clicky Admin</b>

Why from Chrome to FF beyond me, FF so slow and chrome got all i need and more except for 1 plugin i still use FF for

Posted Tue Aug 28 2012 6:27pm by jp4biz

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