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How to track conversion rate of each email of autoresponder


I am a complete newby with Tracking, so I need your help desperatly :)

Here is what I want to accomplish:

I have a 20 part Autoresponder. In each email I have links to my product salescopy. I want to track how many people buy via each link. For example if 100 people click on the link from E-Mail 1 I want to know how many people (percentage) actually bought the product in the end. The same with Email 2 and son on. It's a digital product and I handle the order process via shareit.

I guess I have to include some kind of code in the thankyoupage after purchase on shareit as well?

Posted Thu Nov 27 2014 11:41a by clickbaer108

Use a tracking code on each link. will show you conversions. Looks like clicky has integrations. It's a place to start.

Posted Thu Nov 27 2014 2:23p by gormaniteclicky

I'm having the same issue.. for long term its best to have the conversion tracking implemented in the email platform.. unfortunately few have this feature; otherwise, put utm tags in the links and the conversion will show in clicky for each "campaign"

Posted Thu Nov 27 2014 2:29p by despreslabit

Campaign tags on the URLs are your friend here.

UTM tags are universal from Google to Clicky, if you are using a good Email Campaign tool (like Mail Chimp or Eloqua) these will auto insert these to your links if you set it up. Alternatively you can set each URL up manually for your campaign:

This will tag the user, the way they entered and then at the end, to complete this, I would suggest setting up a goal on the final "purchase" confirmation. This way you can tell who came in from where, what they did and if you made a sale EASILY.

Posted Thu Nov 27 2014 4:42p by ringo64

Okay, thanks for your answers, but they left me kind of bevildered and two more questions arise:

1. Why are you mentioning google analytics for utm tags? Because it's better than Clicky or did you just mention the link because it provides a good explanation of utm tags (which are used both by google AND clicky, I know).

2. So I have to use kampaigns and goals simultaneously?

Bonus question: What exactly is the difference between goal tracking and kampaign tracking? Does Clicky offer a good help or tutorials in that regard?

Thanks so much!

Posted Tue Dec 2 2014 2:10p by clickbaer108

So campaigns track your traffic sources. Goals track your conversions.

Say that people come from your email link1 and email link2 and you want to see which drives more traffic and drives more sales.

You can setup campaigns for that by creating independent URLs for each link. So and then - you don't need to specify these URLs anywhere in clicky before you use them, just throw them up there.

Now you want to see which of those links drives more conversions (or you want details conversions in general). To do that you go to goals. Here you enter in the URL of your thankyou page. Assuming you already have the general clicky code installed on that page (its a good idea to have the general clicky code on any page on your site), once the visitor reaches that page, clicky knows to consider that a goal.

Then through the reporting you can see which campaigns lead to which sales.

Posted Tue Dec 2 2014 2:19p by restado

Great, thanks for clarifying that Restado.

My next challenge: You say, I have to set up a goal where I have to enter in the URL of my thankyou page. But my thankyou page is not on my domain, but on (mycommerce). Is that a problem or can I just enter the URL to their domain (thankyoupage) and it will work? I CAN paste tracking code on the thankyoupage in shareit. Should that work?


Posted Tue Dec 2 2014 4:21p by clickbaer108

Its out of my domain expertise but on a hunch: On Clicky click on your domain then go to Preferences, then click Preferences again in the dropdown nav, then add in your mycommerce domain in Mirrors.

There are prob other ways to do goal tracking on 3rd party domains in clicky but I'm not sure of them.

Posted Wed Dec 3 2014 5:34p by restado

Great, you helped me a lot. Thanks!

Posted Wed Dec 3 2014 6:22p by clickbaer108

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