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I'm beginning to see traffic from in the analytic data from almost all my sites. It usually appears only once per day. Is this a bot?

Why does it show as a visitor if it is a bot?

Posted Mon Jul 21 2014 4:46pm by kansascitytech

Same here.

Posted Mon Jul 21 2014 7:30pm by fenaxis

How do we add websites on a we even have blacklists?

Posted Tue Jul 22 2014 1:57am by dreamfx

I'm getting it, too.

Posted Tue Jul 22 2014 3:27am by callmeringo

Is this showing as a referrer? Or the organizations?

Posted Wed Jul 23 2014 11:14am by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

same here. fake traffic from them.
They are:
and recently

Mumbai based

Posted Thu Jul 24 2014 6:15am by adamim

by the way, it shows as referrers

Posted Thu Jul 24 2014 6:16am by adamim

Same problem here.. with pretty much all my sites.

Posted Thu Jul 24 2014 9:07am by aukevos

This also is my question, been happening for awhile, shows as being from all over the world, as referring link--shows the "kambasoft" with my website name at the end. Previously I've clicked on it and it goes to some kind of advertising, first time it was for something like heating ducts in Poland, lately the links went to a "vancity" site that sells computers in Vancouver . . . . Perhaps simply "spam" . . . didn't check for cookie deposits . . . . What's in it for them if I don't have Clicky and don't get curious about it? Seems like it's growing in frequency, which is noticeable because I don't get a lot of traffic on my site.


Posted Fri Jul 25 2014 8:04am by e_e_p_

Will there be any updates or follow up on this thread? See again that kambasoft has "stopped by" my site . . . this time from Turkey . . . so obviously the kambasoft issue has not gone away . . . . Is there anything to do about it, or this is just like the water cooler?? Thanks for any updates.


Posted Thu Jul 31 2014 8:20am by e_e_p_

I got new one

This is next "Referral" link I get from.

Posted Fri Aug 1 2014 11:15am by adamim

I too have been having trouble with kambasoft appearing in my analytics. It's linked to a number of domains, such as the "savetubevideo" one that's just been mentioned and along with a handful more.

I've put together a post on how to block these nuisance bots from accessing your website:

Whatever you do, don't use the form on their website - it seems to subject you to further spam!

Posted Thu Aug 7 2014 9:29am by DaleRodgers

Thanks Dale,

I read your post and did exactly as you advised. Let`s see how it will work from now on.
By the way, I have never used their services, I have no idea who they are either.

Posted Mon Aug 18 2014 2:38am by adamim

To solve this 'problem' I blocked following IP's (Kambasoft en

Both IP-ranges belong to:

address: Industriestraat 24
address: 2671CT NAALDWIJK
address: The Netherlands
phone: +31174712117
admin-c: DV1495-RIPE
tech-c: DV1495-RIPE
nic-hdl: WS1670-RIPE
changed: 20080515
source: RIPE

Posted Sun Aug 24 2014 3:37am by schilder

I get lots of visitors trying to copy my site. Is there a way I could blacklist and/or block their IP address or unique Id?

Posted Fri Jan 22 2016 1:20am by AnthonyLove

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