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WP Plug-In to allow inline Javascript

Hi all Wordpress users,

I want to use Clicky's manual logging feature to track internal links etc, however this requires inserting javascript on individual pages. By default Wordpress strips out any inline javascript edits, for security purposes as a lot of damage could be done.

However there are some Plug-Ins that will allow this, but they all look quite scary. Does anyone have this same problem, how have you got around it and which WP plug-in can you recommend? (For a non-technical administrator that can manage to copy and paste some code provided by a support person.)

Some of the plug-ins I looked at seem to allow javascript in headers and footers of pages, which still don't really solve my problem.

Thanks so much!
Regards, Mandy

Posted Fri Oct 14 2016 1:09a by Birthstones

Posted Fri Oct 14 2016 11:44a by HLMAussies

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