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Welcome back!

In May 2017, after 9 years of lively activity, we had to shut down our discussion forums due to massive spam problems. It was just some simple code I had written in literally one day in 2008 to add a sense of community to the site, and it was great until the last year or two when spammers arrived en masse. The code was pretty old and crusty and I didn’t want to deal with updating it, so I just decided to close it down, if only temporarily.

Recently we've had to add reCAPTCHA to a few forms on our site to help block bots from being annoying, and I immediately realized we should bring back the forums at the same time, since reCAPTCHA would block most of the bot spam. I let the other things sit for a few weeks to make sure they were working good, and they are, so here we are with the forums back online!

I miss talking to you all in a more casual setting than support emails! So please, have at it!

Posted Mon Feb 22 2021 11:19p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Nice one!

Thank you.

Posted Sun Mar 28 2021 3:11a by toolbox

Give us more cool features!

Posted Fri Apr 16 2021 9:21a by woeterman_94

Glad to see this

Posted Sat May 1 2021 4:29a by Restructured_328business

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