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FB traffic coming in as "Direct" no reffering domain?

I am launching a brand new site (1 week old) so it is not receiving any current traffic. Just placed a series of facebook ads tonight and I noticed that all of the clicks coming from that source are showing up as direct traffic. I was planning on setting up a campaign to track separately in clicky but to my knowledge I should still see this on my dashboard as being referring domain? Am I wrong? If I am not wrong, why is this not showing up?

Posted Wed Jul 31 2013 10:33p by kdvmarketing

Direct falls also under a "not provided" or "I Dunno" portion for referrers for Web Analytics tools. Could be the browser messed up and didn't pass the referrer, browser recorded some string that Clicky didn't recognize, etc... A lot of other possibilities. Think we had a discussion about this a while back on the forums and a user gave a really good article explaining it, might be worth the search to find.

Unfortunately there are a lot of variables with any tool using referrers that would not make it 100% accurate. A more sure bet would be to use campaigns.

Posted Thu Aug 1 2013 5:15a by ringo64

You can do something like ?src=facebook&campaign=12354 if you can't set up campaigns

Posted Sat Aug 3 2013 7:06p by solid

Posted Mon Aug 5 2013 8:14p by wasel11

Many users on Facebook choose to use the secure (HTTPS) version of Facebook. This means that all links, unless they have UTM values, will not be tracked.

Posted Wed Aug 7 2013 2:18p by lowens

Yeah it's because of HTTPS.

Add "?utm_campaign=facebook" to the end of your landing page URLs in your ads (or "&utm_campaign=facebook" if there are already query parameters). Then you can at least track them in your campaigns report.

Posted Wed Aug 7 2013 2:24p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

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