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What is the point?

Have taken Clicky off my site but have just got a reminder email, so thought to try and ask the question before I give up altogether.

My reason for getting clicky was to be able to see where the traffic was comming from, I am afraid the level only reached the ISP and not the end user so I have no way of knowing who is actually reaching my site.

ISP tracking is pointless in my case, so what is the point?

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 8:30a by radicall

When you find an analytics service provider that shows traffic based on home and business street addresses, please let us know. Idiot!

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 10:25a by kansascitytech

Your point is?

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 10:28a by radicall

This functionality doesn't exist. The internet conceals that information. The person is poking fun at you because your request and complaint is ridiculous due to this fact. Hope this helps.

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 10:42a by dhilgaertner

Thanks for being cordial dhilgaertner, I think numbnuts was doing more than poking fun.

Some of us are just starting out with the point of analytics.

So dhilgaertner what is the main point of analysing the traffic if you don't know where is it coming from?

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 10:58a by radicall

The point of analyzing traffic is to see where (City, State, County) your target audience is, etc... You can get Business information from IPs, just residential users and mobile users will show up as ISPs. There are a whole bunch of items that you can learn from Clicky's analytics to improve your marketing/website, you just need to take the time and learn.

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 11:03a by ringo64

Thanks ringo64, will obviously need to invest some time in learning about this discipline, I was led to Clicky via a link on how to see if your competitors were clicking on your Google Addwords, so my expectation was a little misguided. Thanks for your advice.

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 11:07a by radicall're out of line(imo), man. Clicky is the best analytics suite available (again imo) and I've been using it for years across a range of sites.

It's features are rich and include being able to check for fraud in your clicks. You call the dev of one of the nets best programs an idiot because you don't understand shit about it or how to use it.

Have a coke and a smile, and learn to use the tool your bashing before being 'that guy' on the products forum.

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 11:56a by WHITELABELREV

I misread, my bad. Disregard. Showing myself out...

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 11:59a by WHITELABELREV

@WHITELABELREV I think you are misreading the conversation.

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 11:59a by radicall

@radicall, there are probably better services out there for tracking cllck fraud. We don't have a feature for that specifically but you can analyze your repeat visitors with Clicky and pretty easily spot suspicious visitors. We just don't have a feature that automates all that for you, which we probably should, people keep asking us to do something like that.

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 3:20p by Your Friendly Clicky Admin

Thank you Your Friendly Clicky Admin, it would be a good idea, there is a lot in Clicky for the knowledgeable as well so nothing bad to say, just not my thing to care much about traffic at this low level and speciality service, not marketing to the world unlike if you were from Kensass. But analysing your traffic sounds like a fun game so will look into it deeper.

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 3:37p by radicall

@radicall something that may help you with your goal of tracking fraud is setting up campaigns on the URL's that your run in Google AdWords. This way, what Clicky Admin stated, is much easier to see as you'll see "Oh, IP X came in via Campaign Y, Z amount of times, that seems odd..."

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 4:08p by ringo64

Sorry, forgot to include the UTM builder. This will help you create UTM "campaign" which will work in most Analytics tools, I know it works in Clicky + Google Analytics as those are the main 2 I use.

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 4:09p by ringo64

Thanks ringo64, I like the URL Builder, did not know about that, Cheers!

Posted Wed Feb 25 2015 4:16p by radicall

I have to say I don't understand the point of why I paid Clicky. Not bashing Clicky but questioning my own decision. Just this morning I cancelled my Pro Plus plan. I had two users visit on Sunday who purchased three different digital subscriptions off my site. The payment gets processed through me so I'm glad to have their IP information direct to me. I searched my Clicky visitor logs this morning to find out exactly where those two specific paying subscribers came from, how they found the site... and Clicky does not have any record of those IPs. So the point of having this service at a professional level is lost on me.

Posted Tue Apr 14 2015 5:37a by smgonline

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